Toxins have become inescapable in this modern world. Air, water, food, lifestyle – every aspect related to our daily lives are paving way for the entry of toxins into our body. The bad news is it is not that easy to get rid of them if we keep ignoring their presence.

The term ‘toxins’ is not new to many of us, but if you are new to this term, a brief discussion given here will help immensely in identifying what toxins are, how they enter and impact our bodies.

Toxins are unwanted chemicals for our bodies. They enter our bodies without our knowledge and cause potential side effects that can be simply irritating or pose serious health hazards.

Where do toxins come from?

From various sources in our day to day life. Yes.

  •  Cosmetics and makeup products
  • House cleaning products
  • Shampoos and soaps
  • Dishwashing liquids and detergents for clothes
  • Plastic water bottles and food containers
  • Single time use and throw plastics
  • Pollutants emitted from vehicles and industries
  • Packaged foods loaded with preservatives
  • Refined and processed foods
  • Pesticides used in increasing agricultural yield
  • Stress and Negative thoughts
  • Disturbed sleep and eating patterns

All these contribute to toxin load in our body.

How do you identify if your body has toxins?

As toxins enter our body without our knowledge, it is nearly impossible that we identify any change in our body as caused by toxins themselves. However, certain conditions as listed below, help you to know whether your body contains toxins. If you are experiencing any of these, it means that chances are high that your body has a considerable amount of toxins.

  • Unexplained sneezes
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Frequent constipation
  • Frequent stomach issues
  • Fuzzy thinking and inability to take decisions
  • Skin rashes that were not existing before
  • Chronic diseases for no solid reason
  • You are not losing weight despite sincere efforts

The Need for Detoxing

Toxins, when accumulated in the body, do not show immediate effect. They cause a condition called chronic inflammation that causes irreversible damage to our bodies. This the condition slowly hinders the functioning of critical organs such as liver or kidney and only then that we realize that something has gone wrong with our body’s natural process.

Though detox – the process of sending out toxins from our body is a constant process that our the body does on its own, due to the change in the quality of food intake and irregularity in our lifestyles compared to our ancestors’, we need to take certain measures that will help our body in eliminating toxins at a better place.

Let us now look into ten simple methods that will help in removing toxins from our body:

1.    Get more sleep

Sleep de-stresses our body like nothing else. Through deep sleep, we forget everything and give maximum rest to our thoughts and thus our brain, pushing it into a deep state of relaxation. This helps eliminate toxins easily and sets our body’s metabolic activities as Mother nature has designed.

Take away: Good sleep in itself is nature’s way of detox for us.

2.    Eat organic food

Pesticides are the major toxins that enter our body through fruits and vegetables. Hence eliminating such food sources is the best way to protect our body from them. Opt for home-grown or organically grown vegetables and fruits to ensure that you are giving the nutrition the right way to your body. The same applies to eggs and meat too.

Take away: Eat organic food or choose from the list of least sprayed food items.

3.    Do exercise

Exercise helps remove toxins from our body very easily. When we work out our muscles push out toxins that can be flushed easily when we drink more water. Exercise also boosts metabolism, positive thinking and helps to get rid of negative emotions. Do you know that these are some of the black coffee benefits too? Yes, they are. Isn’t this a good reason to enjoy your cup of hero coffee without any guilt!

Take away: Exercise helps eliminate toxins from the body.

4.    Yoga and meditation helps

Yoga is designed as per the rhythm of the human body and its internal processes. When learned through the certified trainer and practiced regular, yoga works charmingly in kicking out toxins.

Meditation, on another hand, focuses on breathing and works effectively in getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts.

Take away: Yoga removes toxins from the body and meditation gets rid of negative thoughts.

5.    Fasting

Fasting is away of allowing your body to focus on other metabolic activities of the body, other than digestion. When we divert the attention of our body from digestion to other processes, the body gets time to take care of the well-being of organs other than stomach and removes toxins accumulated in them easily.

Take away: Fasting, when done under supervision and scientifically, helps eliminates toxins.

6.    Use probiotic supplements

The secret to many ailments and toxins accumulation lie in our gut or stomach. In people who experience chronic accumulation of toxins, probiotic supplements help a great deal in setting straight the functionality of gut and intestines. Probiotics contain macro bacteria that can repair your gut health easily.

Yogurt, fermented foods, and drinks, supplements taken through medical prescription help in healing your gut.

Take away: Probiotics repair your stomach and intestine and help remove toxins.

7.    Increase your intake of raw and whole foods

Raw foods – fruits, vegetables, sprouts, fresh drinks of fruits and vegetables, etc. contain a good amount of fibres and essential vitamins that help to heal our body. While fibres plays a key role in controlling constipation, micronutrients in sprouts and fruits and vegetable juices help remove toxins from our body very effectively.

Similarly, opt for whole grains with bran, raw and unpolished ones, wherever possible.

Take away: Raw and whole foods contain micronutrients that play a major role in removing toxins.

8.    Eat plant-based protein

Sprouts, egg whites, organically grown chicken and meat, soaked nuts – all these are good and healthy sources of protein that helps repair our tissues. When choosing your source of protein, make sure that it is not sourced from animals – milk, meat, eggs, etc. – especially for the days on which you want to detox your body.

Take away: Choose sources of protein other than milk, meat, and soy products if you are strict with your detox.

9.    Cut down salts and oils

More amount of Oil means more energy for us. But the question here is, are we really spending that much amount of energy owing to our sedentary and digital lifestyle? Hence, it is better to cut down oil intake. It would be wise to choose oils such as olive or sesame, or any other oil that is cold-pressed instead of opting for refined ones. Cold-pressed oils are nutrition dense and do good for our heart.

Take away: Reduce oil intake; opt for cold-pressed ones for better nutritional gain.

10.    Drink more water

This is very important to flush away toxins. Drinking enough water keeps your cells hydrated, removes toxins as and when they accumulate and help in detox very effectively.

Here’s a better way of drinking way to get the most of the detox effect:

Drink 2 glasses of warm water as soon as you wake up. Mixing lemon and honey is up to your interest and time. For the rest of the day, keep sipping a little water at regular intervals to stay hydrated and active.

Take away: Plenty of water intake flushes toxins quite effectively.

We must understand that instead of the following detox as a separate process, it is good that we imbibe the essence behind it and make changes in our lifestyle accordingly.

Author Bio: Donna Jones is a copywriter and content writer who specializes in building online communities, email marketing campaigns, and sales pages. Donna focuses on helping people to understand how to better drive traffic, develop relationships and earn revenue online. Her writing skills may be confirmed independently American Heroes Coffee.